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Veterans Transportation History

Veterans Transportation has been family owned and operated since it first opened for business in 1947. The company was founded when Howard Boyce Sr. partnered with Ernest and Joe Balazs who had just returned home from WWII.

They operated their own taxis at taxi stand on the corner of Merrick Road and Rockaway Ave in Valley Stream under the name “Veterans Taxi”. They operated the taxis for many years when Nassau County was undergoing tremendous growth post-war.

Around 1957 they noticed that during the morning and afternoons they were so busy transporting children to and from school it was hampering service to their regular customers.

It was at that time they purchased two suburban type school vehicles and employed two drivers to provide the service for the school children. At this point, Ernest Balazs decided to stick with the taxi service, and Howard and Joe began their long and successful partnership with the school buses. The company was incorporated in 1959. The same year it purchased four large school buses and was awarded its first school district contract. They also moved to its current location in Valley Stream, which at the time was a vacant lot, where they used an empty bus as an office.

During the 1960’s the company underwent a great deal of growth when it was awarded various other school district contracts. Since then, Veterans Transportation has been awarded numerous contracts servicing over 20 school districts in Nassau County, with over 200 vehicles garaged at two locations.  Still today the company strives to grow and provide safe dependable transportation service to the customers it has been servicing for over 40 years.


    At Veterans Transportation, safety is our number one priority. Our commitment to safety is evident when it comes to...


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    Veterans Transportation provides transportation to students and special needs children all over Nassau County...