We have provided transportation to students, campers, athletic teams, private charters, and special needs children all over Nassau County for over 50 years.

Our goal is to make your bus ride an enjoyable experience. In order to do this, our drivers meet several safety standards in order to assure our trips are safe.

We also apply the latest technology in the industry into our day to day operations in order to create efficient routes and provide great customer service.  Such technology allows us to keep tabs on critical information and answer inquiries as soon as possible.  We also install equipment such as cameras and live GPS tracking which enables us to have evidence of any incidents that may occur and pin point exactly where vehicles are at any given time.

For questions or concerns about our service, please call our main number directly, or email us at


    At Veterans Transportation, safety is our number one priority. Our commitment to safety is evident when it comes to...


    At Veterans Transportation, we take pride in our vehicle inspection pass rate that is well above the New York...


    Veterans Transportation provides transportation to students and special needs children all over Nassau County...